Applied partners

German Federal Environmental Agency (UBA)

The UBA’s motto, For our environment (“Für Mensch und Umwelt”) sums up their As Germany’s main environmental protection agency, their task is to ensure that our fellow citizens have a healthy environment where they are protected against air, water and other pollutants to the greatest extent possible.

The work centres around gathering data concerning the state of the environment, investigating the relevant interrelationships and making projections – and then, based on these findings, providing federal bodies such as the Ministry of the Environment with policy advice. The UBA also provides the general public with information and answer on questions on all of the various issues that they address. Apart from these activities, they implement environmental law by making sure that it is applied.

The overarching mission is early detection of environmental risks and threats so that they can assess them and find viable solutions for them in a timely manner.

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German Working Group on water issues (LAWA)

The LAWA is the German Working Group on water issues of the Federal States and the Federal Government represented by the Federal Environment Ministry. The Working Group on water issues (LAWA) was set up in 1956 as an amalgamation of the ministries of the States of the Federal Republic of Germany responsible for water management and water legislation.

The aims of the Working Group of the Federal States on water issues are to discuss in detail questions arising in the areas of water management and water legislation, to formulate solutions and to put forward recommendations for their implementation. In addition however, topical questions in the national, supranational and international sphere are also adopted, discussed on a broad basis and the findings submitted to the relevant organisations.

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